Frequently asked questions

When should I go on the waitlist?

The earlier you go on the waitlist the better. Many people waitlist when they first learn that they are pregnant. The average wait for an infant space is 1 – 2 years and depends on many factors.

How does the waitlist work?

When spaces come available we offer it to the family that has been on the waitlist the longest in that program (Students, then TRU Staff/Faculty, then TRU Alumni and then Community members) and work our way through until we have filled the space.

How do children move from one program to the next?

We have 12 Infant spaces and 12 Toddler spaces and we coordinated the children moving to the Toddler program from the Infant Program as they age out and then to the 3-5 year old programs.

Can the childcare center let me know what number I am on the waitlist or how long the wait will be?

Although we empathize with how difficult it is to not have a timeline, due to the high volume of applications and low turnover of spaces we are unable to predict placement on the list, or respond to questions regarding where your child is on the waitlist.

Can I have a tour?

Tours are given when an opening becomes available. It is disruptive to the staff, children and their ongoing programs if there are too many tours. Please wait until you are contacted.

When will you email me?

We will email you when we get to your name on the waitlist and when we have a space that meets your needs. We maintain a detailed wait list and applications stay on file until the child ages out or you let us know you have found care.

Why is the waitlist so long?

Childcare is VERY challenging to find in Kamloops. We participated in the community Child Care Planning Program last year and continuing on with the Early Learning and Childcare engagement committee. This documentation is an interesting read and shows how many childcare spaces are missing in Kamloops.